PLH Series: Front Access Batteries

12 Volt AGM Thin Plate Pure Lead Batteries:
96–182 Ah

PLH Series VRLA batteries 12V front access AGM


- PLH Data Sheet

- Safety Data Sheet

manual - Battery Capacity Testing


  • Telecommunications
  • UPS
  • Utility
  • Renewable
  • Railway
  • Emergency lighting

The SBS thin plate pure lead PLH Series are front terminal AGM VRLA batteries designed for mounting in cabinets or 19" or 23" relay racks (see data sheet for more details).

The PLH Series battery is designed for critical applications that require the longest and most reliable life possible. They are lighter, energy dense, and can handle high temperatures better than the AFT Series battery. The SBS Pure Lead batteries also have a 2 year shelf life at 77°F.


  • Long float life
  • Designed to fit on 19" or 23" relay racks
  • Excellent high rate discharge performance
  • Copper alloy terminal inserts
  • Leak-free terminal seal
  • 100% initial capacity
  • Non-hazardous cargo for ground, sea and air transportation
  • Handles for easy handling
  • UL Listed - UL file no. MH19767

Additional PLH Features/Advantages

  • Pure lead positive plates for longest life
  • UL94V-O flame retardant jar/cover standard
  • Up to 2 year shelf life at 77°F
  • Fast charging acceptance


PlatesThin plate pure lead
Casing MaterialABS jar/cover (FR UL94V-O standard)
Float Voltage2.27 V/cell
Equalizing Voltageup to 2.40 V/cell
Temp. Range-40° to 149° F
Capacity at 32° F86%
Design life at 77° Fup to 15 years
Storage time at 77° F2 years

Technical Data

Part No.*8 Hr Ah Rate10 Hr Ah RateL x W x H (in.)Weight
I.R. (mOhms)
9610015.63 x 4.25 x 11.3068.34.5
14315022.12 x 4.92 x 10.241013.6
18819022.10 x 4.92 x 12.601323.0

*Additional models available. Please contact SBS for more information.

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