Millennium EVO Watering System

By Flow-Rite
Single-Point Battery Watering is now faster, safer and more reliable than ever before.



The Millennium Evo Battery Watering System makes the difficult task of watering industrial batteries easy. It consists of automatic shut-off valves interconnected with tubing (which replace the existing vent caps). A quick coupling allows the system to be connected to a water supply. Once connected, water flows into each cell until it reaches the correct level. A flow indicator built into the water supply tells the operator when filling has been completed. The entire process takes just 30 seconds per battery.


Cost Savings

Contact Exponential Power to receive your custom payback analysis showing your labor cost savings. After installing your Millennium system, you will realize other cost benefits including extended battery life; increased performance; and cleaner floors, equipment and battery tops.



Fill batteries without having to remove the vent covers. Avoid battery acid burns, ruined clothing, and noxious fumes. Add optional flame arrestors to prevent ignition of flammable battery cell gasses.


Extend Battery Life & Performance

A properly-watered battery lasts longer and performs better. Overfilling a battery results in loss of acid, whereas charging with low electrolyte levels will result in permanent damage to the lead plates. Both will result in loss of capacity and life expectancy.


Time-Saving Convenience

Snap on/snap off water connections and fast filling turn the often ignored task of watering batteries into a quick, simple task – allowing you to fill each battery in 30 seconds or less!


Made in USA




Millennium Evo™ is the most innovative, advanced, versatile, and user-friendly system on the market today. Advanced materials and design produce the most robust and the best performing valve. At a glance, you can see many of the superior features listed below.  What’s more impressive is the structure inside the valve that allows the Millennium Evo valve of working independently of water pressure*, allowing you to use a variety of water supply options. 

  • Optical Level Indicator
  • Color Coded Flip-Top Cell Access
  • Clampless Polypropylene Tubing
  • 3-Port Swivel Tee
  • Low Profile
  • Wide Pressure Range


Millennium EVO features with call outs




For more detailed information, pictures and specifications, click here.




Series FR Watering
Cell Dimension (Inches) -
Voltage(V) 12 - 96
Individual Spec Sheet datasheet-flow-rite-millennium-evo.pdf
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