Eltek Scalable DC Power System

The Eltek Scalable DC power system offers an array of configurable components that come together to produce large-scale, high-power solutions—up to half a million watts!


Scalable Solutions

Eltek’s Scalable line of power solutions is comprised of configurable components designed to meet the needs of Central Offices and other high-power DC applications. A variety of rectifier bays provides 48V DC output ranging from 3000A to 20,000A (if cabled).

Distribution options offer everything from bulk output to circuit breakers, fuses, and even overhead bus arrangements with shunts.

Plant Configurations

  • Scalable plant design consists of at least one main rectifier bay with master controller
  • Additional rectifier and distribution bays can be directly linked together by bus bars
  • Bays can be configured side-by-side in any order

Rectifier Bays

  • Two bay models for three-phase Powerpack rectifiers
  • Accommodates up to 15 rectifiers
  • Output DC current of up to 3000A per bay
  • DC bus available in 3000A, 6000A, and 10,000A ratings
  • Control and monitoring devices


  • Bulk bus on each bay
  • 3000A, 6000A, and 10,000A ratings available
  • Bottom-feed buses available
  • Distribution bays
  • 48 configurable distribution positions
  • Modules available for small and large circuit breakers and fuses
  • Alarm and shunt monitoring
  • Internal bus work rated for 3000A or 6000A
  • High-current bay shunt (either 4000A or 8000A)
  • Top and bottom cable access

Control and Monitoring Devices

  • Interactive controller display on primary rectifier bay (Smartpack2 Master)
  • Twelve alarm inputs and outputs available
  • Distribution alarm and shunt monitors in distribution bays
  • Optional add-on devices for monitoring alarms, shunts, temperatures, and voltages at several points.
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