Stationary Battery Systems provide the control and reserve power for our daily lives, including:

  • Power for switchgear and automated controls
  • Power for field flashing of generators, emergency lube oil and seal oil pumps and other critical motors
  • Reserve power for UPS systems
  • Operating power for critical communication systems

In short, these battery systems make modern life possible.

However, it’s important to remember that all work on Stationary Battery Systems is energized work. High currents, lethal voltages, flammable and explosive gas, and corrosive chemicals present unique hazards when it comes to maintenance.



Mike O’Brien, Exponential Power Technical Services Manager, has written a new peer-reviewed paper that addresses this challenge, entitled “Reducing the Hazards of Stationary Battery Systems Through Intelligent Design.”

Make your stationary battery systems safer today by implementing the few well-thought-out, yet simple and low-cost, system design changes outlined by O’Brien. These changes will reduce the potential for injury while ensuring the battery system can be safely maintained throughout its service life.

O’Brien also addresses how to mitigate human error. As we all know too well, “Things happen.” By designing simple protection devices, we can reduce the potential for human performance failings such as short circuits caused by dropped wrenches and other common errors.

Lastly, O’Brien examines the need to guard against fixing one problem only to inadvertently produce another.



Gain insights when Mike O’Brien presents this new paper at the Battcon Stationary Battery Conference. Please note that registration for the conference is required.

Battcon Stationary Battery Conference November 3, 2021; 8:50am Hollywood, FL