Venkat Krishnamurty is a natural problem solver. With diverse industry experience and a unique combination of engineering and business skills, he is driving SBS’s new product development to a new level.

In the early part of Venkat’s career, you’d find him teaching.  However, he was fascinated and motivated by the challenges he encountered in the business world.  For example, his involvement in product development and product management was very gratifying as he applied data driven systems.

At SBS, Venkat spearheads the new product development process. He and his team of industrial engineers are creating new customer-focused innovations for SBS to bring to market.  The team has three goals for the SBS Motive Power and Stationary Power divisions:

1)      Develop a strategic new product road map.  

2)      Monitor and evaluate advanced technologies.

3)      Implement process improvements throughout the company’s product & service offerings.

According to Venkat, “the product team has fully embraced these goals. Our strategic priorities are meeting customer needs, practicing continuous improvement in our processes and keeping an eye out for new technologies that are on the horizon.”

Venkat holds an MBA from Northwestern University, a PhD from the University of Florida and an ME from the Indian Institute of Science.

When he’s not at work, you’ll find Venkat in the kitchen, cooking a variety of international cuisine. It’s his opportunity to learn more about cultures from around the world.