Title: Applications Engineer, Quality Standby Services (QSS)

Tyler Plunkett brings his electrical engineering expertise to every standby power application, which helps give customers a peace of mind.

As a QSS Applications Engineer serving our telecom, datacenter and power generation customers in the Southeast, Tyler has numerous responsibilities. He analyzes both battery maintenance and load testing data in order to write comprehensive customer reports. He develops detailed AutoCAD drawings, sizes DC Power Systems and creates customer quotes. He also provides project management which includes everything from planning to tracking project documents, reviewing approval drawings and uploading them to customer websites.

According to Tyler, “I’m passionate about the science and technology of all types of batteries. I love doing a deep dive into the chemistry and theory of how a battery operates.”

Earning Customer Trust

Our employees earn customer trust through sound decision-making, attention to detail and keen problem-solving skills. Maintaining integrity and customer relationships are equally important.

Tyler commented, “Customers love our integrity which strengthens our relationships. It comes from honesty, truthfulness and accuracy when we are writing reports or simply having a conversation. I was on a large datacenter construction job this past summer and we were hired to perform the commission testing on a new set of batteries. I heard from across the room one of the vendor technicians tell his boss, ‘Oh good! We hired QSS to perform the load testing’. It’s small things like that which make you feel good about who you work for.”

On The Personal Side

When he’s not at work, you might find Tyler exploring the great outdoors with his wife, Molly, and their two border collies, Scoober and Rosie. Tyler and Molly love to compete their dogs in frisbee competitions, take them hiking, or simply playing in the park.