Title: Battery Service Technician

We call our battery service experts Service Technicians. But they’re much more than that. With their experience and training, they can spot battery-related issues before they become big problems that shut down your operation. You could say they deliver reliability.

Take Travis DeKeyser for example. He works out of our SBS location in Greenville, WI, which serves the Appleton area and Northern Wisconsin. Customers appreciate his ability to identify potential trouble with their material handling equipment batteries. If a battery fails, a warehouse or distribution center can’t function safely and at optimum levels.

The unique value Travis and all of our service technicians bring to the customer is their knowledge. According to Travis, “If I see an issue at the customer’s facility, they’re very thankful for me pointing it out and glad I was there. Proper battery maintenance is the most important thing! If they’re down for a couple days, they’re not operating.”

Workplace Safety

A primary goal for SBS Service Technicians is workplace safety. They live and breathe it. That’s because it’s important to us and our customers. Here’s how Travis describes it, “It ties directly to what our customers expect. They are paying us for our services, they want them done professionally and that includes doing it safely.”

Here’s an extreme example of the connection between battery maintenance and safety. A few months after joining SBS, Travis received his first emergency call. A forklift truck battery had broken down and needed immediate repair. A worker was in a manlift (a carriage mounted on the forks of a forklift truck) positioned above an industrial lathe.

While he was working, the forklift battery gave out because of corrosion build up. Without power, the forks lowered. The manlift came down on top of the lathe and the forks were stuck. The truck couldn’t move due to a worn battery cable.

Travis is pleased to report that the worker made it down safely thanks to a scissors lift. This story underscores the importance of Travis’ role in delivering battery reliability and how closely it aligns with workplace safety. A Preventative Maintenance Program removes corrosion and replaces work cables to prevent issues like this from happening.

Customer Satisfaction

Relentlessly pursuing customer satisfaction is a way of life for SBS Service Technicians. Travis recognizes that customers have access to other company’s services. However, thanks to his dedication to customer satisfaction, positive things happen and word spreads.

Travis commented, “Sometimes when we’re called in to a customer facility, they’re not happy because, for example, a forklift has broken down. I want to leave them in a good mood, I’ve addressed all the issues and questions they want answered. My goal is they’re satisfied and would recommend me.”

Travis has met that goal time and again. Need evidence? It’s a large factor in why he was chosen as Service Technician of the Year in 2018.

Family Time

Travis is into four-wheeling. When he’s not at work, you’ll find him in deep mud, water, you name it. And it’s not the rush of going fast that’s most important to him. It’s the family time that comes with it that matters most. His wife and kids enjoy riding their All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) as much as he does!


SBS is the power when you need it. And Travis knows a great deal about proper battery preventative maintenance and the role it plays in keeping your warehouse equipment up and running safely.