Battery production at SBS is a science. The experts in our shop have daily production goals and high quality standards to meet. They’re continually improving their processes, finding new and better ways to produce dependable, durable and long-lasting batteries for motive power and stationary power applications.

As a Production Lead, Nikki Felske plays a key role in achieving those objectives. She has a number of responsibilities including planning, scheduling, and helping resolve any production issues that may arise. She helps ensure that all production projects are completed on time and product is built according to specification.

According to Nikki, "I love my job. I like coming to work and being able to do something different every day; there is no routine here. I build batteries, fill in for my supervisor, perform battery evaluations, adjust the gravities, run discharge tests, organize the warehouse and take care of customer battery repairs. And I get to work with my friends!"

When Nikki came on board six years ago, she began in shipping & receiving. She then moved into production and was the first female in the shop in more than 90 years. Today there are five.

What’s next for Nikki? She says she wants to grow with the company and would like to learn more about how to fabricate battery trays.

Prior to joining SBS, Nikki worked at Pet World. She’s a devoted pet owner, spending time with her 150-pound Newfoundland named Jameson. You’ll also find Nikki on the football field. She’s a defensive end and tight end for the Wisconsin Dragons semi-pro female football team.

Thanks Nikki for all you do at SBS!