The first voice you hear and the first face you see when calling Nolan or entering our headquarters belongs to Lisa Sowerwine. There’s a good reason for that. Greeting callers and visitors with a warm, engaging personality comes naturally to her.

A strong sense of accomplishment is another skill that comes naturally to Lisa. That makes her a vital member of the Nolan Power Group finance team. She also works closely with Human Resources and serves as a go-to resource for the whole team.

Besides tracking and reconciling payments and expenditures, she conducts a portion of the new employee orientation program and plays a key role in coordinating the company’s drug testing and compliance program. She also helps out upper management whenever needed.


Lisa is a big advocate of the company’s set of values. She witnesses them daily. Here’s how she reflects on one of those values, ownership: “At Nolan Power Group, we have a great sense of pride and are accountable for the work we do. I’ve seen time and time again where our team takes ownership of an issue and finds a solution. We then put the solution in place and make sure we do what it takes to sustain it. With ownership in hand, a lot of the other values can fall into place.”

Recognizing the importance of teamwork, Lisa points out each employee brings their own skill and ability to the table. “What Nolan does well, is that we help customers mainly as a team to resolve their issues. We have a wealth of resources we tap into to find a resolution. And we do it as rapidly and efficiently as possible since our customers deal in critical power.”

The example of teamwork she shares is how Nolan supports offshore utility platforms. “Randy Remmelts is Nolan’s Offshore Group Manager. Issues related with working offshore sometimes come up, mostly because there are so many variables that might come up when working that remotely. Supplies and personnel are brought by helicopter so they can’t just drive down the road. If an issue arises while on the platform, Randy can reach out to one of the Regional Service Manager directly and work with him to find a solution. They may tap into an engineering resource or all 3 of them may work together and then get back to the technician on the platform.”


You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who is more community service-oriented than Lisa. So, when she’s not at work, you’re likely to find her volunteering with her church, helping the needs of the local community. In addition, she assists with the local foster care community and sings with her church’s praise team.