Title: Customer Service Supervisor

Providing back up power reliability for construction projects requires precise work. That's because each one features numerous moving parts and no margin for error. We're talking about multi-phase/multi-year projects involving the construction or renovation of utilities, refineries, and chemical plants.

Brianna McCauley plays a vital role in how we deliver reliability. Her job is to keep all those moving parts together. She was so successful as Project Support Coordinator at Nolan Power Group she was promoted recently to Customer Service Supervisor.

Brianna recognizes that taking ownership, developing customer relationships, and providing quality products and services go hand-in-hand. It's about helping customers meet their overall construction schedules.

According to Brianna, "When we talk about quality, we mean that the customer gets exactly what they need when they need it. They need to get battery system equipment by specific dates or their entire project is at risk. We work closely with our service and sales departments to make sure that happens. If necessary, our team finds an alternative solution to meet their immediate requirements."


As a daughter in a military family, Brianna saw the world. However, she landed in Louisiana and is proud to call it home.

She has a hobby you don't hear about every day. Brianna raises exotic finches for show. She likens it to dog shows, but with birds. Brianna commented, "I work with exotic finches and show them. I feed them a very particular diet that's just for them; in fact, sometimes I think they eat better than humans!"