Benning Thyrotronic Rectifier and Charger

The THYROTRONIC Rectifier line from BENNING is designed to address critical DC load powering and battery charging requirements in a wide range of stationary battery plant applications. Our THYROTRONIC Rectifiers combine microprocessor control with well-established power conversion technology, to provide you with the highest quality rectifiers on the market today. These units can be equipped to meet all of your battery charging requirements. They are compatible with Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA), Vented Lead Acid (VLA), and Ni Cad (Nickel-cadmium) type battery plants. These rectifiers are available with output currents from 10 to 400 Ampere to meet your load requirements. These units comply with the stringent requirements of power utilities, communications providers, railroads, power substations, microwave relay sites and switchgear applications.

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